North Star Crosley members were treated with a visit to Mike Ellis' wonderful collection located just outside the Twin Cities. North Star member Dave B. shown sin front of a small part. 

The Ellis Skorpion, a rare one with hinged doors is what the original contact came from.  Mike's craftsman, Dave Boe is working to put this gem into shape as seen in the photo below.

On a cold January evening, we were greeted by the sight of the Skorpion on a hoist, brakes having just been redone. The car is based on a Hotshot chassis with lots of modifications visible from below.  A rare treat to see one of these anywhere!

We also saw this HEMI Plymouth, an accurate copy of one of the original drag cars from the 60's.  An immaculate restoration 

During the North Star Region visit, we were asked to help move some cars for another collector, a supplier of GTO parts for restorations.  Here is a picture of the "Goat Farm" as we called